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Mfg Item #: Mag-Bar XL

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FREE shipping to Con U.S.! MAG-BAR XL: MAGNETIC MOUNTING SYSTEM. IDEAL USE FOR: FIREARM STORAGE- GUN SAFE- NIGHT STAND- UNDER COUNTER- DESK- TOOL BOX- VEHICILE- DEER STAND- HOLSTERED WEAPONS- RIFLES- KNIVES- TOOLS- FLASHLIGHTS. **ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAWS BEFORE MOUNTING A FIREARM IN YOUR MOTOR VEHICLE** MAG-BAR XL is a non-marring, portable magnetic mounting system for attaching your HOLSTERED firearm or LONG GUN almost anywhere. The MAG-BAR XL is the most powerful option we have. The Mounting plate provides a fixed position, decorative, magnet friendly mounting surface for MAG-BAR XL use almost anywhere. All Mounting Plates come with an extremely powerful 3M Adhesive tape specially formulated for vehicle mounting applications. For upholstered surfaces we also supply 4 mounting screws. Without the Mounting Plate or other flat magnetic friendly surface, the MAG-BAR can be attached using the eyelets. What is a Mag-Bar? A MAG-BAR XL is a powerful Neodymium magnet. The MAG-BAR XL magnetically attaches between your firearm and the metal Mounting Plate. The MAG-BAR XL has the strength to easily lift a 50lb metal object. The magnet is so powerful it can magnetically attach to your weapon through any cloth, plastic, KYDEX, & leather holster. The MAG-BAR XL is constructed from a durable yet soft Micro Suede with a rubberized grip on the face to insure your holster will stay put when drawing your weapon from the holster. Whats included with the purchase of a MAG-BAR XL? 1 MAG-BAR XL (Powerful Magnet). 1 Mounting Plate (Steel Plate). 1 3M Double Sided Adhesive Tape. 3M Adhesive Primer and Applicator. 1 Alcohol Prepping Wipe. 4 Mounting Screws. 1 Set of Instructions on Securing your Mounting Plate.


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