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Some makers have minimum advertised pricing rules. Email for best prices on these makers items.

MAP Pricing

Posted: 02/15/2018 @ 18:03

Some gun makers have minimum advertised pricing rules. Email for best prices on these makers items. Sign up for an account on my site, send me the maker number you want and I can send you a discount coupon for that specific model which will bring the item to my best price for you. Makers such as Glock, Sig and Beretta have a MAP.

Firearms Minimum Advertised Pricing

Posted: 02/15/2018 @ 18:03

The Truth About Minimum Advertised Pricing

Minimum advertised pricing only relates to “advertised” pricing and is perfectly legal under U.S. antitrust statutes. So, essentially, you are limited to advertising MAP-protected products at a certain price, but you can sell these products at any price you choose (often guided by the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or MSRP).

Simply put: Many gun makers force M.A.P. but they can be sold for less. Do not hesitate to ask for a price request for those makers individual items. Glock, Sig, Beretta and others force M.A.P.

Build your own AR15

Posted: 02/15/2018 @ 18:03

Build your own AR15. No registration or paperwork. 80% lowers ship direct to you and you finish them off. You are legally allowed to make as MANY guns for yourself as you want. You are breaking the law only if you intend to sell them. By law, you then need a manufacturer's license. There are also 100% completed lowers if you don't mind the NICS paperwork for it. It will save you time if you don't have it or the skill or knowledge to finish yours out. Either way, we have them both. Noreen AR15 Lower Billets in either 80% or 100%. 80's ship to you, 100's ship to your local FFL. 80's are $62 shipped & $46 for each additional to same address at same time. 100's are $66 shipped and $50 for each additional shipped to same FFL at same time. Add 3% for cards. Check for AR build clubs in your area. they are becoming more prominent and popular. #2A #ALWAYS ARMED #BKArms

Posted: 02/15/2018 @ 18:03

 For those of you who follow BKArms on Facebook and twitter, you already know about I regularly post there the I auctions/classifieds I put up there. AGT(AllGunTalk) does not charge sellers any fees, therefore the prices to buyers are cheaper. They also do not mind if you deal outside of their website. If you have a problem there, you'll get a call or an email from a real person who is invested in this company. Not an employee that follows some big corporate spiel like on Gunbroker. (They seem more and more like ebay every day) 6 to 8 weeks to get my money back on fees taken from me for auctions not paid for by deadbeats.

 AGT was started as a site between friends who agreed they didn't like the way the other auctions sites handle people. They are growing slowly but surely and have dedicated themsleves to becoming the best online gun auction site ever. Constantly updating and looking for ways to improve it.

 They have a store, forum, auction site and facebook page and are working with 'Bama carry and other companies and organizations to grow and get their name out. Please check them out and sign up for an account.

 As always, email for any price requests for stuff you can't find on Accounts with over 38 distributors gives us the possibility to find what you want. We aim to get you the best possible price on all your firearms and gear needs.

 Thanks for reading #BKarms blog. Until next time, #Always Armed #2A

Welcome to the new site!

Posted: 02/15/2018 @ 18:03

Hi and thanks for visiting. All new account signups until the end of March 2017 will get  $5.00 gift card added to their account as a thank you for checking out the new site. As always, if you don't find it here, email and I'll see what I can do. I have over 38 distributors (the BIG boys and many small regional ones) AND a few backchannels to find stuff at the best possible price for you. Just get me the exact maker item number or a link to what you are wanting a price on. And email any price match requests. I may be able to do better. Vendors have many options to get their inventory and many distributors have different pricing on items AND shipping. At BKArms, we do not gouge our buyers. We always aim to get you the very best possible price. Thanks for looking. #AlwaysArmed #2A

Curios or Relics

Posted: 02/15/2018 @ 18:03

This will help clarify the differences between collectible curios and relics and normal firearms.
ANYTHING over 50 years old qualifies as curio/relic firearm. So if you collect War guns and they are over 50 years old, they can be shipped DIRECT TO YOU if have this license. Of course there are some "liberal" areas that STILL force you to go through the FFL transfer process.

ATF Firearms Curios or Relics List.

Licensed Firearms Collectors
are Curios or Relics
Regulations Applicable
to Licensed Collectors
Curios or
Relics, and collectors items (Definitions and Determinations)
Collectors Wanting a Determination
Import Restrictions
Firearms Curios or Relics List